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Water is essential for health, be it for the environment or for the individual. The Duraco water systems will grant you peace of mind and spare you from water shortage, particularly during the dry times in Mauritius, through optimal water management.

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The self-cleaning tank is equipped with a device which remove deposits (Mud and sediments) accumulated on the bottom of your water tanks


  • User-friendly cleaning process

Residue at the bottom of your water tanks will be removed just by opening and closing one valve

  • Minimal loss of water

In this cleaning process, strict minimum of water is being lost

  • No Hassles of emptying the water tanks

There is no need to empty the water tank when the cleaning is started and when in progress

  • Convenient process

The water tank cleaning process can be done anytime

  • Time Saving

The cleaning process takes only 60* seconds

  • No interruption of water supply

Interruption of water supply from the tanks is not necessary when cleaning

*depending on quality of water