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Water is essential for health, be it for the environment or for the individual. The Duraco water systems will grant you peace of mind and spare you from water shortage, particularly during the dry times in Mauritius, through optimal water management.

Products Details

Duraco Water Pump cover is easy to install and it protects the pump from the weather that prevail in Mauritius.

Available in Grey, Duraco Water Pump Cover is convenient, economical and the best choice to secure your pump.

Main Features:

  • Water resistant cooling vents – Allows circulation of hot and cold air thus creating a natural thermal convection
  • Easy to follow entry points – Consider regular pipe measurements
  • Emergency water dust – Allow water to escape in case of pipe failure
  • Matching base included – Designed to raise the pump off the ground. Load capacity of 120 Kg
  • UV Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Eco Friendly

Installation Guidelines:

  • Duraco Water pump cover comes with a concrete flat surface
  • For maximum stability, it is recommended that the pump is bolted down to the base
  • Once the pump is secured, identify areas where the pipes will be situated
  • Carefully cut the snap entry points along the guides using a blade or other suitable cutting tool
  • Connect pipes
  • Slip pump cover over the pump and base
  • For additional security, the cover can be secured to the base