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Water is essential for health, be it for the environment or for the individual. The Duraco water systems will grant you peace of mind and spare you from water shortage, particularly during the dry times in Mauritius, through optimal water management.

Products Details

The Duraco water storage system is designed to meet your commercial and industrial bulk water requirement.

Duraco Water Tanks main features:

  • Manufactured from 100% virgin material
  • Stylish and aesthetic
  • Moulded in one piece
  • Equipped with a venting device that stops insects getting in
  • Screwed Cover
  • No taste and Odour imparted
  • Food grade material – ensuring health and safety of consumers
  • UV protected – extending the lifetime of your water tank
  • Opaque design - preventing the growth of algae and proliferation of bacteria

The Duraco Water Storage system comprises of modular installation of Water Tank of capacity of 9000 Litres depending on the site water requirement.

Note: When interconnecting the tanks, each tank must be equipped with an individual inlet connected to the float valve, and an individual outlet to a common parallel or perpendicular running pipe (manifold). Call Duraco for assistance and supervision.

Pedrollo Water Pumps

Pedrollo water pumps offer the most efficient and reliable method of delivering water from your Duraco Water tank. Contact us for a proposal.


  1. Product Info

Our water level indicator facilitates the monitoring of water level without hassle.


Quick and easy to install, seals directly to the tank – DIY product

Maintenance free - no batteries or wiring required

Suitable for existing and new tanks up to 3.0 metres high

Easy to read dial face with ‘Empty’ and ‘Full’ indicators

Requires a standard 32mm hole saw

UV resistant

Utilises a reliable float system

Installation Guideline

Before installing your level indicator, it is important to calibrate it for use (adjust the indicator as per tank height).


  1. Carefully remove the front clear face from the Tank Gauge to enable access to the moveable Empty and Full indicators.
  2. Select an installation site on your tank for the Tank Gauge and mark it. It is preferable that this is a flat area and that once installed, will allow you to view the Tank Gauge face easily.
  3. Whilst maintaining the same height and keeping the weight outside of the tank, extend the weight so it is level with the bottom of your tank. Move the red Empty indicator to where the water level indicator is pointing.
  4. Lift the weight so it is level with the overflow on your tank and move the green Full indicator to where the water level indicator is pointing.
  5. Tank Gauge is now calibrated. Replace the front clear face.


  1. Drill a 32mm hole into your tank at the previously marked installation site.
  2. Lower the weight through this hole and sit the Tank Gauge on your tank.
  3. Using the supplied screws secure the Tank Gauge to your tank.
  4. Your Tank Gauge is now installed and ready for use.

Note: Installation done by Duraco