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Our Green products cater for the environmentally conscious people who want to respect the environment and leave behind a cleaner and healthier world for their children.

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Aqua2use® UG GWDD is the best grey water recycling system designed for the professional Builder, Plumber or renovation contractor, it is ideal for under slab or buried applications. Matala® 3D progressive filtration with 4 different porosities filter mats. Allows for connection of 50mm (2”) DWV up to 100mm (4”) DWV greywater waste pipe



Length (L)

Width (W)

Height (H)

Aqua2use UG GWDD


800 mm


660 mm

Transparent view showing all pipe connections

Top view of Aqua2use UG GWDD – example 4” connections

How it works?

Step 1 : When the Diverting valve's arrow pointing away from Matala® filter, grey-water flows direct to the mains sewage.
Step 2 : When the Diverting valve's arrow pointing to Matala®filter, grey-water from the house is diverted to the inlet of the filter.
Step 3 : The greywater flows through the 1st Matala®progressive filtration chamber(ch.1) that retains major + medium particles such as hair, lint, paper, detergent clogs and other impurities. (The filter pads: Matala® Black-low density, Matala®Green-medium density)
Step 4 : The greywater flows through the 2nd Matala®progressive filtration chamber(ch.2) that retains medium + small particles (The filter pads: Matala®Green medium density, Matala®Blue-high density)
Step 5 : The greywater flows through the 3rd Matala®progressive filtration chamber(ch.3) that retains small + minor particles (The filter pads:Matala®Blue-high density, Matala® Grey-Super high density)
Step 6 : Filtered greywater is pumped to the irrigation

The greywater recycling pictures prove the high filtration efficiency, achieved with progressive density Matala®filter pads, the filter can take up a huge volume of hair, lint, sand, and soap residues.