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Our Green products cater for the environmentally conscious people who want to respect the environment and leave behind a cleaner and healthier world for their children.

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Sustainable living starts by preserving the natural resources, build up a dynamic society and peaceful environment with the concept of saving energy.

Grey Water recycling is a sustainable move which can help you:

  • Reduce the water bill.
  • Take off load from septic.
  • Keep garden green.
  • Potable water saving; water for all.
  • Energy saving on water transport.
  • Sustainable living.

Aqua2use® greywater diverter captures pre-filters and diverts your water so it recycles bath, shower, wash basin and laundry water which can be used for your lawn and garden. It not only save water, but also reduce the energy for transporting full amount of wastewater to the sewage treatment plant and reduce the energy on pumping the potable water from water supply company to your house. Therefore, it reduces the carbon dioxide emission, help on the global warming issues. And most of all, Aqua2use® GWDD is the best grey water recycling system and designed with the goal of simple installation, easy maintain and affordable cost. Your today's action determined how the world is going to be tomorrow!


How it works?

Step 1 : When the Diverting valve's arrow pointing away from Matala® filter, grey-water flows direct to the mains sewage.
Step 2 : When the Diverting valve's arrow pointing to Matala®filter, grey-water from the house is diverted to the inlet of the filter.
Step 3 : The greywater flows through the 1st Matala®progressive filtration chamber(ch.1) that retains major + medium particles such as hair, lint, paper, detergent clogs and other impurities. (The filter pads: Matala® Black-low density, Matala®Green-medium density)
Step 4 : The greywater flows through the 2nd Matala®progressive filtration chamber(ch.2) that retains medium + small particles (The filter pads: Matala®Green medium density, Matala®Blue-high density)
Step 5 : The greywater flows through the 3rd Matala®progressive filtration chamber(ch.3) that retains small + minor particles (The filter pads:Matala®Blue-high density, Matala® Grey-Super high density)
Step 6 : Filtered greywater is pumped to the irrigation

The greywater recycling pictures prove the high filtration efficiency, achieved with progressive density Matala®filter pads, the filter can take up a huge volume of hair, lint, sand, and soap residues.