Questions and Answers

  • How many panels do I need to install?

    The number of panels required for a house will depend on its monthly electricity consumption. This can be obtained from the customer’s CEB bill. The total units consumed (kWh) monthly is analysed and it can be determined which system is most appropriate by comparing with the monthly generation of the system (highlighted in table below).

  • What is the estimated monthly generation?

    KW No.of
    No. of
    1.24 4 4 8 124
    1.86 6 6 12 187
    2.17 7 7 14 218
    2.48 8 8 16 249
    2.78 9 9 18 281
    3.10 10 10 20 312
    3.41 11 11 22 343
    3.96 16 16 32 499
  • What does the PV system consist of?

    • Solar panels
    • Inverters which converts absorbed energy from sunlight to AC electricity used for consumption
    • Mounting frames, fixtures, cabling, wiring and all electrical components
  • What is the country of origin of Duraco’s PV System?

    Duraco is working in partnership with Australian company Metrosolar to supply the PV System. The microinverter technology is from leading US company Enphase.

  • What is the lifetime expectancy of a Solar PV system?

    As there are only static parts in the system, the life expectancy is relatively high and depends on the

    • Solar panels – 25-year warranty
    • Micro-Inverters – 10-year warranty
  • Is the PV system resistant to bad weather conditions? How safe is the system?

    The panels are very resilient and have been manufactured to withstand weather conditions associated with our region.

    Since the system involves electricity, general care must be taken during installation and operation. The installation will be done by a reliable and well trained team of installers. Enphase micro-inverters use low AC-wiring reducing significantly the risk of accidents and fire.

  • Can the panels be installed on any types of roofing?

    The panels can be installed on any type of roofing such as flat, inclined, concrete, tin and tiled.

  • Is installation of the PV System provided by Duraco?

    Installation will be done by Duraco’s team of technicians who have been trained by our Australian supplier Metrosolar. We guarantee a professional approach and an installation according to set standards, with particular attention to safety, accessibility and aesthetic.

  • How will I monitor the performance of my PV system?

    Enphase micro-inverters are connected to a software which remotely monitors, manages and troubleshoots your system 24/7 from any PC, tablet or smart phone. Each panel is connected to a micro-inverter and works independently of performance of remaining panels ensuring maximum efficiency. 

  • How does the CEB SSDG scheme work?

    CEB has set up a net-metering scheme for around 2000 subscribers on a first come first served basis for the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on their roofs. This is for the production of electricity for personal consumption and the surplus will be stored on the CEB grid.

  • Can I sell the surplus produced to the CEB?

    The CEB does not pay the subscribers for surplus exported to the grid but allows them to use the accumulated energy later.

  • What are the sizes of PV systems that can be installed?

    • Max 3.5 kWp for monophase residential installations
    • Max 5.0 kWp for tri-phase residential installations including IRS/RES
    • Max 5.0 kWp for small commercial units
  • Do we supply off-grid or ‘CEB-independent’ systems?

    We have a PV system that can operate independently from CEB. The system works with solar panels, central invertor and charge regulator and battery bank. This system can be used in remote areas, lodges, only for specific appliances or garden lighting etc.

    Size of System No of Panels No of batteries Estimated Price
    (incl. VAT)
    1.5KW 4 2 230,000.00
    3.0KW 12 4 420,000.00
    5.0KW 16 8 588,000.00