Questions and Answers

  • What are Duraco tanks made from?

    Duraco water tanks are manufactured using high quality UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene.

  • Are Duraco tanks manufactured in Mauritius?

    Our Water tanks are manufactured locally, in Mauritius

  • Why should I purchase a Duraco tank?

    • The leading polyethylene water tank manufacturer since 1991
    • Wide variety of traditional and modern tank designs and sizes
    • 12 Years of warranty
    • Certified MS 179.2012
    • Certified ISO9001
    • Available at more than 150 retailers’ shops around the island
  • How to choose the appropriate water tank?

    Read over our water tank Specification which provides steps to help you choose the right water tank.

  • Do you provide warranty on your tanks?

    All Duraco tanks are covered by a warranty period of up to 12 years

  • What is the difference between horizontal and vertical water tank?

    The difference is only in the design and shape. Horizontal tanks have a rectangular shape, are low with legs and Vertical tanks are tall and round.

  • What is the maximum capacity of water tank that can be fixed on a roof?

    The capacity of water tank to be installed on the roof will depend on the strength and structure of your roof. It is highly recommended to check with you engineer before installing a roof tank of capacity above 1,000 litres.

  • Can Duraco tanks split at the seams?

    Duraco tanks do NOT have seams. Our tanks are one piece moulded i.e. no joints, no seams. A Line may be visible on the outside surface of the tank, but this is just part of the moulding process.

  • What is the difference between a polyethylene water tank and a fibre glass water tank?

    Compared to a fibre glass water tank, Polyethylene water tanks have the following advantages:

    • Seamless one-piece moulded – thus eliminating the risk of leaks at the seams.
    • Polyethylene water tanks are not brittle.
    • Production is controlled by an automated process, where quality control is ensured with least human intervention.
    • Polyethylene water tanks are more affordable than fibre glass tanks.
    • Easily transportable.
    • Polyethylene water tanks are equipped with a screwed lid.
    • No odour or taste imparts from polyethylene.
  • Does the colour of a tank have any significance?

    No, it serves only for aesthetic purposes. Grey and green tanks tend to better merge with nature. Note that colour does not have any impact on life expectancy and UV resistance.

  • Will the water be warmer inside a coloured tank?

    Yes, if exposed to direct sunlight, water inside a coloured tank will tend to be warmer than inside a white tank.

  • Can I request for a water tank to be produced in another colour?

    Yes, it is possible depending on the availability of the raw material.

  • Can I store chemical products in our tanks?

    No, our water tanks are for water only. For chemical products, we do manufacture special tanks. Call our expert for more information

  • What accessories come with Duraco tanks?

    • Screwed lid
    • Float valve
    • Outlet
    • Wash out
    • Air vent (also acts as overflow)
    • Clamps
    • Clamp bolts
    • Optional: Level indicator, additional outlet
  • Do I need a plumber to install my Duraco tank?

    We recommend the services of a qualified plumber to install your tank. More information on installation is available in ‘Expert Corner’ section 

  • 16. Do Duraco team provide cleaning services?

    Yes, contact our team for a quotation.

  • My tank is damaged can it be repaired?

    The reparation is dependent on the nature of the damage. Contact our after sales service department for assistance.