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Energy collected from the sun is the cleanest and most sustainable source of energy we know. Its use relieves us from the consumption of exhaustible fossil fuels and does not pollute while reducing considerably the emission of carbon dioxide.

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In line with the development of green products and services, there is the need to produce and supply electricity with minimal impact on the environment through a smart technology. In this quest, Duraco Ltee oriented towards Photovoltaic technology.

Duraco Ltee partnered with Metro-solar , a leader in Australia in the photovoltaic market to introduce Enphase innovative technology of Micro-Inverters in Mauritius.

Photovoltaic technology involves the use of the light energy of the sun to produce electricity through panels made up of specially designed cells of Silicon based materials. The electricity generated by the panels is processed through Inverters for compliance to be sent to the distribution Grid of the CEB and compatible for use for usual Home, Commercial and Industrial equipment. The Enphase Technology of micro-inverters are designed for on Grid connection.

For the requirement of producing electricity without being dependent on the Grid, Duraco Ltee provides off grid solution, through Western Co. Ltd , an Italian based specialist of Off Grid solutions.