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Energy collected from the sun is the cleanest and most sustainable source of energy we know. Its use relieves us from the consumption of exhaustible fossil fuels and does not pollute while reducing considerably the emission of carbon dioxide.

Products Details

  • Capacity: 200L, 300L,
  • Inner tank material: SUS316 Thickness (mm): 0.5
  • Outer tank material: SUS 316 Thickness (mm): 0.5
  • Vacuum tube: QB-AL-N/AL-58-1800
  • Insulation: Polyurethane Thickness (mm): 50
  • Frame: aluminum alloy Thickness (mm): 2.4
  • Frame angle (Degree): 30 degrees
  • Incorporated electric heater: 1.5Kw,220V
  • Solar heater storage tank diameter (mm):365/475
  • Vent connection (inch):1/2
  • Electric heater connection (inch):1
  • Water connection (inch):1/2
  • Test pressure (Bar):9
  • Operating fluid pressure (Bar): 4
  • Region: Central
  • Compact Pressure 200lts - Maximum 4 persons
  • Compact Pressure 300lts - Maximum 6 persons

The Working Principle:

  • A heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity and phase transition to efficiently manage the transfer of heat between two solid interfaces. At the hot interface of the heat pipe a working fluid, sealed inside at depressurized condition, in contact with a thermally conductive solid surface turns into a vapor by absorbing heat from the sun. Specially designed copper pipes are inserted into the vacuum tube.
  • The heat pipes have a tiny amount of working fluid. When heated, the fluid inside the heat pipes vaporizes at low temperature (about 30°C), the vapour rises to the condenser and heat energy is conducted to the water inside the tank.
  • When vapour is cooled down, it condensates and falls to the bottom of the heat pipes by gravity.By continuously circulating in this way, energy from the sun is transferred to the fluid and heats the water inside the tank until the cycle is completed (diagram 2).
  • Absence of water in the vacuum tubes, will allow the system to operate even if one tube is damaged.

Thermostatic Valve –Giacomini – Model R156-1

The thermostatic mixing valve is installed in order to achieve energy saving, greater comfort of use of hot water and elimination of the risk of burns caused by excessive operating temperatures.

It is very important to install the mixing valve on the outlet of the solar water heater, where the temperature of the storage tanks, especially in summer, could reach well above the temperatures to ordinary use.

Water Pump for Pressure Type Solar Water Heater

Pedrollo water pumps offer the most convenient and reliable method of delivering water from your Solar Water Heater. Contact us for a proposal.

Duraco Solar Water Heater

Warranty Period

The warranty is applicable to your DURACO solar hot water system (hereafter called the solar
system) and is as follows:

• Tubes and Heat Pipes: 180 months from the date of installation – Free replacement of failed tubes and heat pipes (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

• Manifold and frame: 180 months from date of installation – Free replacement of defective manifold and frame (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

• Solar Water Tank: 96 months from date of installation – (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

• Electric booster: 36 months from date of installation – (Transport and Labour will be charged to owner)

• Assistant tank & Float Valve: 12 months from date of installation (Transport & Labour will be charged to owner)

Warranty Conditions

The company’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any part, or parts, of the solar system, at the option of the company

This warranty does not cover misuse, accident or failure from faulty installation, harsh or adverse water conditions or from attempts to repair the system by other than DURACO
accredited technician or service agent.

The warranty only applies to the solar system and does not cover any plumbing or electrical parts such as pressure and temperature relief valves, air valve, float valve, stop cocks, non return valve, electrical switches, pumps, fuses and others.

Warranty Exclusions

  1. Where the non-pressure solar system has been connected directly to a pressure supply (such as the water authority main pressure line, pressure pump etc..) and not to an open circuit header tank as is the correct installation procedure.
  2. Accidental damage, acts of God (cyclonic weather), failure due to misuse incorrect installation, attempts to repair the system by other than DURACO accredited technician or service agent
  3. Where it is found that the system does not suffer any defect, where there is no flow of hot water due to a faulty plumbing installation and not of the system or components, where there is a failure of water supplies
  4. Subject to any statutory provisions to contrary claims for damage to furniture, carpets, walls, foundation, or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly due to leakage from the system
  5. Where the solar system has been installed and / or operated without the solar system being filled with water
  6. Where the damage has been caused by an inflow of cold water into the system through the hot water pipe
  7. Where the unit has been moved without the company’s prior approval
  8. No warranty on the vacuum tubes (except manufacturing defect)

VERY IMPORTANT – When using electric booster

For safety precaution, make sure that electric booster is switched off before using hot water

All water connections from main supply to the cold-water inlet and from the hot water outlet to the hot water distribution lines MUST BE MADE WITHIN ONE WEEK OF INSTALLATION